GUK Group

The company GUK-Falzmaschinen, located in Wellendingen, Germany, is the main facility incorporating manufacturing and management for the worldwide  network. Over the company's history different market segments were gained to widen the product portfolio and to supply customers with better technology and service.


In 2012, GUK acquired Vijuk Equipment Inc. and founded G&K-Vijuk Intern. Corp.  in Elmhurst near Chicago, IL, USA. As a partner of GUK they provide and serve the US market and worldwide customers with the distribution of special machines for insert/ outsert leaflet folding in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and small-items packaging. Many international patents grant the uniqueness of our folding equipment to customers.


The fortification of the position in the mailing and packaging segment was achieved in 2015 by acquiring the Sigma-Engineering B.V. in the Netherlands. Together with GUK-Sigma B.V., located in Landsmeer in Amsterdam, we provide the packaging technology of pick&pack to complete the insert/ outsert leaflet market.


The latest acquisition of GUK is the company MB Bäuerle GmbH in St.Georgen in the Black Forest Region. MB is known for Mailing, Enveloping and automatic Foldersystems and delivers technology to GUK to broaden its marketshare.

GUK Main facility - Germany
G&K Vijuk Partner
G&K-Vijuk building, USA
GUK-Sigma Logo
GUK-Sigma - Netherlands
MB-Bäuerle - Black Forest