FA 36/45-HT

A folding machine with alignment table - moveable and adjustable in height

For cennection with continuous cutters, collecting stitchers, collectors and machines manufactured by other suppliers or even as stand-alone.
Shipable with 2,4,6 and 8 folding pockets.

Technical features

  • Folding mechanism on highest technological standard
  • Synchronous, low-noise belt drive with clutches between rollers and drive
  • Combi folding pockets with integrated curved turnout, numerical and precise adjustment controls
  • Solid knife roller with a diameter of 40 mm
  • Wear-resistant pocket intake and chromed steel guides
  • Combi folding pockets with offset and removeable plastic rings (self-cleaning effect)
  • Self-control with continuous adjustment controller
  • Automatic roller setup by paperstripes
  • Locating side either right or left shippable


Technical Data

Infeed width: FA36:  max. 360 mm
          min.    40 mm
FA45:   max. 450 mm
            min.   40 mm
Infeed length: FA36 and FA45:    max. 650 mm
                           min.    90 mm
Infeed height: FA36/2 HT & 
FA45/2 HT:   max. 965 mm
                   min.  705 mm
FA36/6 HT &
FA45/6 HT:   max. 1025 mm
                   min.    765 mm
FA36/4 HT &
FA45/4 HT:   max. 995 mm
                   min.  735 mm
FA36/8 HT &
FA45/8 HT:   max. 1055 mm
                   min.    795 mm
Power required: 0,75 kW  
Weight: 320 kg
Output: max. 30-150 m/min.
continuously adjustable