ZK 500 / 4P

Unique folding unit with latest technology - electronically controlled! For parallel folding
For extension on folding machines of the groups 35, 50, 54 and 74 as well as on strange machines as collecting stitcher, collecting machines etc.

Technical features

  • Rolating folding unit, for German and international four folds
  • Absolute noiseless drive without gears through V-belts and flat belts
  • Wear-free and electronically controlled adjustment of revolutions per minute with detector
  • Automatic impulse-setting through a reflection and photosensor assembly through the
    arriving sheet
  • Central adjustment of rollers with microadjustment
  • Adjustment of height, mobile and possibility to have it locked
  • Electricity can be switched-over from automatic to separate operation of strange machines
  • Strong kind of structure, maintenance-free, prepared for continuous operation

Infeed width:
max. 48 cm
min.  14,8 mm
in special execution 50 cm
Format length:
max. 31 cm
min.   7 cm
in special execution 3 cm
Infeed height:
(knife from the top)
max. 875 mm
min.  530 mm
Delivery height:
(knife from the top)
max. 770 mm
min.  425 mm
Infeed height:
(knife from the botton)
max. 865 mm
min.  525 mm
Delivery height:
(knife from the botton)
max. 970 mm
min.  630 mm
40 - 160 m/min., continuosly adjustable
by electronic speed regulation
Impulse number:
up to approx. 20.000 impulse/hour
Power required:
0,7 kW
Place required:
0,80 x 1,30 m
Net weight:
220 kg



The folding unit is used in combination with G&K folding machines of the groups 35, 50, 54
and 74 or in connection with strange machines.

The folding unit is executed turnable - for the German and international four folds.

The run speed can be regulated continuously and therefore it is suitable for the switched

A reflection and photosensor assembly controls the folding knife by the arriving sheet.

The delivery side can be switched to the left and to the right.