FA 54-HT

A folding machine with alignment table - moveable and adjustable in height

For cennection with continuous cutters, collecting stitchers, collectors and machines manufactured by other suppliers or even as stand-alone.
Shipable with 2, 4, 6 and 8 folding pockets.

Technical features

  • Folding mechanism of the latest technology
  • Synchronous, low-noise belt drive with hardened helical steel gears
  • Combi folding pockets with integrated curved turnout, numerical and precise adjustment controls
  • Removable knife rollers
  • Wear-resistant pocket intake and chromed steel guides
  • Combi folding pockets with offset and removeable plastic rings (self-cleaning effect)
  • Self-control of drive with continuous adjustment controller
  • Selector between manual- and automatic drive
  • Automatic roller setup by paperstripes
  • Locating side either right or left shippable

Technical Data

  FA 54 FA 74
Intakewidth max. 540 mm
min. 150 mm
max. 740 mm
min. 150 mm
Intakelength max. 800 mm
min. 210 mm
max. 800 mm
min. 210 mm
Intakeheigth max. 980 mm
min. 670 mm
max. 980 mm
min. 670 mm
Output max. 30-200 m/min
continuously adjustable 
max. 30-200 m/min
continuously adjustable
Power required 1,5 kW 1,5 kW
Net weight 551 kg 551 kg


The folding unit has its own control panel and a hydraulically operated height-adjustable base. A lead level is thus common to all upstream machines such as Saddle stitcher, endless cutter, folding machines of all makes customizable.

The hydraulically adjustable base can be raised and lowered by a foot pump with the least amount of force.