FA 21/4-4K /-S Cartonac 2000
The new generation for installation on packaging lines

Technical features


  • Draw-off system by suction roller
  • Transport of leaflets is made by pressure rollers without any belts
  • Folding mechanism with combined steel-rubber rollers (self-cleaning)
  • Reading section for code reading
  • Roller adjustment with adjusting automatics by means fo paper strips and optional roller adjustment by digital display
  • Grooving shafts; Additional pair of grooving shafts
  • Stacking table made of V2a, no electrostatics
  • Switching gears as option for long and short formats
  • Extended stacking tables with additional air nozzles
  • Chromium-plated folding pockets; Adjustable folding knives; Sensitive adjustment for pocket stop; swing unit for pocket stop
  • Two folding mechanisms with 4 folding pockets per each
  • Machine body in solid design made of 10 mm steel plates
  • Holders for code reader, scanner and code camera as options
  • Additional blower strip for sheets, which are bended to the top
  • Also available without mechanical valves - with solenoid valves
  • Automatic adjustment of folding pockets as an option
  • Rollers made of cellasto (flexible) as roller 1, 3 and 5 as an option; They enable to produce different paper thicknesses without any re-adjustments of the rollers


Technical Data

Standard version
(width x length)

Min. Format
Max. Format

105 x 130 mm
215 x 320 mm

Special execution
(extended feeder table)

Max. Format
Max. Format
215 x 450 mm
215 x 600 mm
Folded Format Min. Format 60 x 15 mm
Fold mechanism 4 Pockets
Output with format length of 320 mm max. 200/min.
Papierqualität ca. 50-70 gr/m2




  • All-around cover with plexiglass hood
  • All-around cover made of V2a with plexiglass hood
  • Switching gear for 2 different transmissions. For format lengths 320, 450 and 600 mm
  • Extended feeder table for 450 and 600 mm with air nozzles
  • Extended folding pocket one (folding length 300 mm)
  • Code reader
  • Holder for code reader; Different versions for all Laetus- and PCE-systems
  • Additional remaining pile safety facility as pre-warning signal
  • Ejection device
  • Belt transfer
  • Independent motor drive (for dispenser machines)