RS 42-21/880

Reel folding unit with pre-switched plough fold attachment

Electronically controlled - self-controlled. For installation on cartoning machines - with 4 or 6 pockets folding units.

Technical features

  • No double sheet, no missing sheet!
  • Non-sensitive against static loading
  • approx. 20% savings of costs against treatment of pile goods
  • Automatic control of the cutting position
  • Installation of code readers is possible
  • Maintenance-free
  • With single reel stand or double reel stand with reel axles which can be moved and piled up onesided
  • RS 42 with RS 21/880 or with RS 21/070
  • Drive right or left
  • Mirror execution
Unwind & fold principle
Plow fold
Folding unit:
with 4 or 6 folding pockets
Passage width:
60 mm up to max. 420 mm
Cutting length:
78,5 mm up to max. 340 mm
Outer diameter of reel:
max. 600 mm
Reel core diameter:
Europe 70 mm
USA and Japan 76 mm or 152,4 mm, i.e. 3 or 6 tolls
300/min., according to the cutting length
Power required:
approx. 1,5kW




The RS 21/830 is installed on the cartoning machine and is driven 1:1. The RS 42 has its
own drive and is electronically synchronized with the RS 21. Between both machines there
is a buffer bow.

The RS 21/830 operates as follow:
The brochure request is effected by a potential-free contact from the cartoning machine.

As soon as the cutting proceed of the knife shaft is finished the draw-off roller is started.
The draw-off roller turns until the acknowledge of the next printing mark and is then stopped.
Meanwhile the rotary knife cuts the stopped brochure section on the programmed length.

Afterwards the brochure which has been cuttened will be folded in the pocket folding unit
with 4 or 6 pockets and goes then to the opening of the cartoning machine.