RS 21/880
Cutting and folding unit with latest technology - electronically controlled - self-controlled!

Technical features

  • Instead of the vertical stacker another unit can be hooked on, eg. knife folding unit EK 300 or a chute delivery S 350
  • Moreover, a combination with pocket folding units of the groups FA 35/...VARIABLE is possible
  • No double sheet, no missing sheet and no risk of mixing!
  • Non-sensitive against static loading
  • Absolute noiseless run
  • approx. 20% savings of costs against treatment of pile goods
  • Automatic control of the cutting position
  • Synchronous control of the printing mark
  • Installation of code readers in addition is possible
  • Storage in maintenance-free needle and ball bearings
Touch control
Reel width:
60mm up to max. 210mm
Cutting length:
78,5mm up to max. 315mm
With each draw-off roller a cutting length up to 20mm is possible!
For example: The draw-off roller for 300mm cuttings between
300mm and 280mm can be used
Outer diameter of reel:
max. 600 mm
Reel core diameter:
Europe 70mm
USA and Japan 76mm or 152,4mm
Power required:
approx. 0,5 kW



The machine cuts instructions from the reel according to a printed mark.

As soon as the proceed of cutting of the knife shaft is finished the draw-off roller -which
is controlled by a magnetic clutch and brake- is started electronically. The draw-off
roller turns until the aknowledge of the next printing mark and will then be stopped.
Meanwhile the knife of the rotation knife shaft cuts the stopped sheet on the programmed

Afterwards this sheet will then be folded and piled up cleanly in a vertical stacker.