FA 21/4 Cartonac 2000

Leaflet folding machine - the new generation

For installation on cartoning machines and packaging lines with the latest technology.

Technical features

  • Declining system through suction rollers
  • Transport for the packaging attachments through pression rollers or belts
  • Folding unit with combined steel-rubber rollers
     (self-cleaning effect)
  • Noiseless drive by toothed belt
  • New pile table: Made of profile-V2a-sheet metal: No electronic-static expansion
  • Scoring rollers: Additional pair of scoring rollers
  • Shift-drive: As an option for long and short sizes
  • Connected knife shafts
  • Extended pile tables with additional air nozzles
  • Folding pockets: Chromium-plated, pocket knives can be adjusted.
     Fine adjustment for pocket stop, pivot device for pocket stop
  • Folding unit with 4 and 6 folding pockets
  • Machine frame: Difficult kind of structure of 10mm plates of steel
  • Mobile chute delivery
  • Holders for code readers and scanners and code cameras, as an option
  • Additional blower strip for papers which are turned up to the top
  • Available also without mechanical valves, through magnetic valves

Please take further particulars from our data-sheets. Please send your demands directly to us!

Compact difficult kind of structure
Noiseless belt drive
Folding unit with combi folding rollers
Optional servo drive


The package inserts are isolated from the botton with a suction roller and then pulled off
and folded.

The movement is done by a drive of winder. Therefore highest speeds up to approx.
500/min. are possible.

The control cams are partly situated to the outside and the cams from the inside are
intergrated in the lateral guide wheels.