The brand NEW modular system FA51 Auto with automated roller setup...

...even faster and more precise


The new high-performance folding machines for sheet format 510 x 850 mm. Flat pile feeder with separator head great ease of use and quick change-over time. Low-noise belt drive on the outside easy accessable for inspection. Combined folding rollers on needle bearings with synthetic rings.


  • Automatic flat pile feeder with separator head self-positioning application.
  • Digital, variable sheet distance control
  • Batch counter integrated in Main control
  • Brand new alignment table and motorized aligning ruler made of stainless steel prevents static electrification
  • Combination folding pockets electrically setable by precision drive with integrated deflectors and position indicator No wear, no static charge
  • Solid knife shafts dia=40 mm
  • Automatic folding roller setup by precision drive with lifting spindle
  • Low-noise belt drive
  • Combination folding rollers with synthetic rings
  • Automatic, electrical pocket and roller setup with touch controller and additional key-terminal for secure operation. Catalog of fold presets and job memory storage of 99 sets
  • Mobile chute delivery with continuous drive, simple quick height adjustment
Solid folding rollers
Mobile chute-delivery
Transfer to St.II by ZWT


Bild Station I
Folding machine with chute delivery and flat pile feeder. Available with 4 or 6 automatic folding pockets.
Bild Station II
Pocket folding machine with 4 folding pockets. New roller-table with narrow arranged rollers. Exact sheet guidance due to a new alignment ruler.