We produce ready-to-built-in turning parts and componentry for all branches of the metal-working industry.

The following materials are processed from 3 up to 65mm in diameter:

  • Machining steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Case hardening steels
  • Aluminium
  • Tempering steels

Kinds of handlings:

  • Chip removal
    Short turning of 3 - max. dia. 65mm, long turning up to max. dia. of 35mm, polygonal turning, deep hole drillings, millings, drillings, millings of gears
  • Assembling
    It is possible to built in filters, accesory parts
    or other mounting parts
  • Hard treatment
    Grind between tips, honing, bush grindings
    and tip less grindings
  • Mechanic surface treatments
    TEM- and ECM- burr removing (by
    subcontractor), slid grindings and glass
    bead blasting
  • Heat treatment*
    case-harden, nitride, carbo-nitride, harden
    and temper, induction harden and vacuum
  • Surface treatment*
    zinc coating, nickel-plating, silver-plating,
    barnish, phosphatize

*Subcontractors class A

Falzwalzen/folding ruler