Varied and on the latest stand of technology
- our park of machines. Here we produce
the excellent GUK-quality.

Drilling technology

  • Indexing plate HB 16-12 and HB 32-16
  • 6-spindle lathe machines
  • CNC-multiple-spindle lathe machines
  • CNC-long-and short turning automatic screw
  • 1-spindle cam forming lathe machines

Treatment techniques

  • CNC-tools-grind machine for all square nose
    and shape tools
  • Semi automatic devices of grinding for each
    kind of shape drills HSS/HM
  • tip-less grinding machines
    bush grinding machines

Abrasive engineering practice

  • one-spindle and cam-controlled drilling
    machine for a semi and full automatic
  • CNC-centres of treatment
    Automatic devices of installation