SA 30/53
Collection station for endless cutter or one-sheet feeder

Technical features

Infeed length: max. 310 mm
min. 150 mm
Infeed width: max. 300 mm or 530 mm
min. 100 mm
Min. Format folded: approx. 60 mm
Max. Fomat folded: 220 mm
Infeed height: max. 950 mm
(also possible in special execution)
min. 835 mm
by machine with infeed part
Delivery height: 860 mm
Output: up to 140 m/min

Compact SPS


This collection station works normally in connection to a endless cutter or one-sheet
feeder. This station is available in connection to a folding unit FA 30/4 but can also
be delivered separately.

On a batch counter the collected sheets are pre-dialed. It is possible to pre-dial 1 - 8
sheet in a remaining number of pieces. If the number of pieces are mixed it is necessary
to work with a reading OMR. The infeeded sheets are collected, aligned and then folded

Due to the special folding unit it is possible to treat different thickness of paper with one