PA 21 series

PA 21 series - High-capacity leaflet inserting systems in different variations

for folded packaging dispensers for installation on cartoning machines and packaging lines.

Technical features

8 different variations from each PA model are available. Delivery point right, drive
left, drive right etc. Please be so kind and demand the corresponding dimension sheets.

  • Solid construction
  • Low noise drive - without gears
  • Construction set system
  • Highest performance by having double cams and winder drive
  • Transfer section is controlled for obligation
PA 21:
Intake width max. 210 mm min. 60 mm;
Iintake length max. 105 mm min. 15 mm
Paper weight:
Recommended paper thickness 45 - 100 g/m2
According to quality of paper and kind of folding 400/min.
From the cartoning machine: Through chains and toothed belts. Recommended performance of drive approx. 0,3kW
PA 21/2:
700 x 640 x 520mm (length x width x height)
weight: 61 kg
PA21/3 /4 /5:
1600 x 640 x 500mm (length x width x height)
weight: 84 kg
  Compressed air connection for magnetic valve vacuum control 6 bar, vacuum connection: 0,6 bar, compressed air connection (Festo-valve) for pneumatical swivel-drive 6 bar




PA 21/2

The PA 21/2 is a leaflet inserting system for folded packaging attachments for installation on
cartoning machines. The taking out of the packaging attachments is done from one
magazine with 2 rubber suckers. Afterwards these were put into the position of transfer. Two
impulse rollers have to press the packaging attachments to the infeed drums and so into the
guide of belts. From here the transfer to the cartoning machine is done. On the delivery
of the PA 21/2 a pre-grooving device can be installed. This makes the push-in on the
cartoning machine easier. The control of the sucker is done by a new double cam with
separated cam rails. The impulse rollers are driven by winder drive.

PA 21/3 /4 /5

The PA 21/3 /4 /5 is very similar to the PA 21/2, however it has an additional transfer belt. By
having this it is possible to achieve a large capacity of loading. The transfer belt supplies
continuously the principal magazine. The drive is done by one pneumatical swivel drive or an electrical motor on bigger models. The
control is effected by one pile tracer with initiator. The brochure request on both units is
done through one magnetic valve which is controlled with pression air.

PA 21-2 Bild
PA 21-3 Bild
PA 21-4 Servo Bild