FA 21-SP

Electronically controlled dispenser machine

The perfect supplimenting system for packaging lines and transport belts of every kind

Technical features

  • Code reader with one- and twosided reading, if requested also with counter control and ejection device
  • Swivel belt transfer or belt transfer according to different requests
  • Base mobile and adjustable, height of the base according to the indications of customers
  • By insetting without base; drive also at the top possible
  • The outlet of electricity and function can be programmed according to the indications of customers
  • Strong and maintenance-free structure
  FA21-SP FA35-SP FA 43-SP
Format: max. 21 x 30 cm max. 35 x 30 cm max. 43 x 30 cm
  min. 6 x 8 cm min. 6 x 8 cm min. 6 x 8 cm
Special execution: max. 21 x 53 cm max. 35 x 53 cm max. 43 x 53 cm
Execution: EBS-0 Electronic control without counter control
  EBS-1 Electronic control with counter control
  EBS-1 Electronic control with counting control and counter control
Output: up to 400 impulse/min
Drive: adjustable continuously by mechanical controlling mechanism
Supply voltage (AC): 220V,50 - 60 Hz
Drive output: 1,8 kW
Place to stand: 50 x 80 cm
Weight: 260 kg



The GUK-dispenser machine provides packaging lines or transport belts surely with folded
labels. This machine is marked due to its easy installation and universal supporting for
installation on packaging lines or transport belts.

The equipment of the replenished cartons with goods is controlled by one photosensor

You can freely choose how many labels from 1 - 100 should go on a carton. In order to have
additional control it is possible to install a onesided as well as twosided code reading with
ejection device and counter control. By doing this a security of 100% can be achieved.

The delivery of the original brochures is effected from the botton by the well-tried suction
system of G&K. By doing like this it is also possible to replenish the pile magazine during the
production, i.e. without havint to stop the machine. Through the swivel belt transfer it is
possible to adapt the draw-off height to different sizes of cartons. The machine is mobile and
adjustable; it has its own support of pression and vacuum and the speed of work can be
adjusted continuously.