FA 21/4-S2 C2000

Folding machine for pharmaceutical leaflets integrated into well-proven feeding system

Technical Features

  • High capacity automatic folding machnie is maintenance-free and has low noise design
  • Folding mechanism runs on needle bearings
  • Adaptable to fir additional sections to enable variable formats of folding
  • Solid construction
  • Minimum floor space requirement
  • Single person operation
  • Leaflets are drawn-off by adjustable suction drum. The sheet is folded by the plate mechanism with 4 or 6 plates. Additional cross folding can be done by adapting a knife folding unit

Technical data

Infeed width: max. 215 mm
min. 60 mm
Infeed length: max. 320 mm;
with special execution 450, 575 oder 600 mm
min. 105 mm; special execution 68 mm
Output: up to 30.000 sheet/h without ejection device;
up to 18.000 sheet/h with ejection device
Paper quality: 35 - 120 g/m2, single, double, triple or qadriple layer
Space requirement 820 x 750 mm
Power required 1,6 kW

Accessories and models

  • FA 21/4 S2 CART.2000 with 4 folding plates
  • FA 21/6 S2 CART.2000 with 6 folding plates
  • Bar code reader for one or two sides
  • Ejection device for incorrect leaflets
  • Vertical stacker KS 235
  • Chute delivery S 350
  • Knife folding unit EK 300
Plane format:
max. 210 x 320 mm
min. 148 x 120 mm
max. 350 x320 mm
min. 148 x 100 mm
Smallest fold:
15 mm
up to 200/min.
By chains or toothed belts, 1:1 from the cartoning machine - also available with own-drive
Place to stand:
210 x 300 mm





The brochures are isolated -from the botton- from a pile magazine, then pulled off
and folded. By systems with firm installed suction nozzles problems can appear when
the paper is turned slowly. The corners from the outside are not registered and therefore
disturbances appear during the entry. The draw-in drums can be moved and they carry the
brochure into the folding unit.

Due to the installation of a second station a further pocket folding unit with 2 or 4 pockets
is added which is driven synchronously by a toothed belt.