K54/ 74

A construction set system of the future in 16 variations - perfect in technology and performance!

The high-capacity folding machine for plane-sheet format
54 x 80cm, quick and easy for setting - short times of setup and adjustment.

Technical features:

  • Electronical adjustment of sheet separation as well as pile-lifting automation in the flat pile feeder
  • Wear resistant pocket infeeds and sheet shunts
  • Highest performance by automatic impulse-adjustment by using electronically controlled folding knives
  • Connected knife shafts with changeable tools - also by doing cross folds
  • Folding pockets-fine adjustment with indicator watch
  • Automatic roller adjustment by paper strips on all folding units
  • New flat pile feeder with rocking sucker guarantee safe sheet separation also by highest performance of 40 000 sheets/h
  • Absolute stability of the folding rollers by installation of additional presssion bearings
  • Mobile chute delivery with continuous adjustment as well as with simple quick-adjustment of height without spindle or wire, with incorporated gas pression springs
  • Combined folding unit
  • 4, 6 or 8 pockets, 1 cross fold
  • Min. format 15 x 19cm by parallel fold and
     cross fold, 21 x 30cm by three folds
  • Max. format 54 x 80 cm
  • Smallest fold normal execution 45mm
  • Smallest fold special execution 25mm
  • Speed 30 - 160 m/min. continuous adjustable
  • Max. performance 40 000 sheets/h by parallel fold,
     22 000/h by cross fold and three folds
  • Power required machine with delivery 2kW, pump for feeder 2kW
  • Place required with feeder 2,60 x 4,60m
  • Net weight machine 868 kg, feeder 427 kg, delivery 37kg
Mobile chute delivery
Folding unit with latest technology
Pile tracer touch-free
Pneumatically controlled separating head
Folding pockets-fine adjustment with indicator watch
Round pile feeder
Palette feeder

Special accessories:

  • Sound reduction attachment
  • Batch counter with performance indicator
  • Glueing device with electronic control
  • Counter for passing through
  • Strip cutting device
  • Gate folding pocket
  • Crimping device
  • Kicker
  • Edge cutting device
  • Pressing and standing sheet delivery