A folding machine with latest technology

With 4 or 6 folding pockets, 1 folding knife and following knife shaft

Technical features:

  • Flat pile feeder with separating head therefore exact sheet separation
  • Synchronous and quiet drive by harded and grinded and inclined-toothed steel gears
  • Wear-resistant pocket infeeds and guides in a harded execution
  • Combined folding rollers with changeable synthetic rings
  • Electronically controlled folding knife with delay switch
  • Knife shafted which can be connected
  • Difficult kind of structure as the groups K 54 and K 74 with all the technical preferences
  • Knife folding unit electronically controlled. In case of pocket machines also suitable on station II and station III
  • Folding pockets with indicator watch and fine adjustment
  • Automatic roller setting by paper strips
  • Combined folding unit
  • 4 or 6 pockets, 1 cross fold
  • Min. format 10,5 x 14,5cm
  • Max. format 50 x 70cm (special execution on demand)
  • Power required 3,5kW
  • Speed 30 - 160m/min.
  • Output parallel up to 40.000/h, cross fold up to 20.000h
Falzwerk in neuer Technik Folding unit with latest technology
Automatic roller adjusment
Chute delivery S 520
Separating head pneumatically controlled

Special accessoire:

  • Sound reduction device
  • Counter for continuous counting
  • Batch counter with indicator of performance
  • Glueing device with electronic control
  • Pre-pile device
  • Air table - pre-pile device
  • Electronic double sheet detector
  • Mobile chute delivery S 520
  • Scoring head
  • Strip cutting device
  • Short folding device for min. wide of folding of 24mm
  • Pocket box
  • Gate folding pocket
  • Extended folding pocket 1 for folding length 560mm (normal is 457mm)
  • Crimping device