GUK folding machines are complex high capacity folding machines which we develop and produce ourselves. Constructors and technicians lay down the base for perfect function and for highest quality.

On more than 6.000 sqm area high-capacity folding machines of modern technology are developed. From 14 construction lines we combine more than 100 variations of machines. These machines are used successfully in every place where paper is made in shape.

Like for example in the printing industry, pharmaceutical industry and packaging industry, in bookbindings, lettershops, administrations, bankings etc.

As we are a company which is future-orientated, we also focus on highest quality, creative employees, innovative products and the complete customer proximity. Challenges are chances which we implement successfully for our customers.

Until today more than 60.000 folding machines which have been sold bear the name of G&K as a seal of quality.


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